Friday, 6 October 2017

World Academic Championship in Public Management

Dr. Fabrizio Pezzani
Fellow, International Agency for Standards and Ratings 
World Academic Championship -2017 in Public Management 

International Agency for Standards and Ratings honors Dr. Gerd Kaupp, with World Academic Championship -2017 in Public Management for great scientific contribution.

Dr. Fabrizio Pezzani established substantial record of national and international leadership and a commitment to ensuring the flux of next generation scientists.  The honor goes to research scientists whose extraordinary work fulfills the mission. Dr. Fabrizio Pezzani is one of Public Management's leading celebrity, known for leadership skills and breakthrough research potential.  Dr. Fabrizio Pezzani starred in Public Management. Dr. Fabrizio Pezzani made International news headlines while IASR announced him among World’s 500 Most Influential Public Management Exerts for Year 2017 on Earth. Dr. Fabrizio Pezzani earned World Academic Championship -2017 in Public Management.   

The purpose of the award is to identify brilliant scientists and academicians around the world through World Academic Championship. The World Academic Championship is organized by International Agency for Standards and Ratings at international level. Dr. Fabrizio Pezzani, (World Academic Champion and Fellow, Directorate of Public Management, IASR) plays a vital role in advancement of scientific knowledge in Public Management. World Academic Championship-2017 in Public Management, acknowledges the outstanding international contributions and is selected based on international meritorious competition. IASR extends best wishes for your endeavours enlightening scientific domain with your efforts. 5464 nominations from individuals and organizations were received from 52 countries for the batch. IASR recognizes Dr. Fabrizio Pezzani among World's 500 Most Influential Public Management Exerts for the Year 2017 on Earth.

Fabrizio Pezzani was born on 4 October 1948 at Parma, Italy. He has gotten Degree in Economics from the University of Parma, 1973 and Chartered Accountant and Auditor. He has worked as Full Professor of Planning and Control in Public Administrations at Bocconi University of Milan since in 1995 and of Performance measurement in public administrations and international institutions since 2004, Director of the Degree Course in The Economics of Public Administrations and International Institutions (CLAPI) at Bocconi University from November 2005 to 30 October 2007, Director of the Institute of Economics of Public Administrations from November 2000 to October 2005, Member of the Scientific Committee of SDA Bocconi, School of Management. Adjunct Professor of "Creative Altruism" at the University of Parma, academic year 2014-2015, Director of the Public Administration and Health Department from 1997 to 2005, Senior Professor in Public Administration, Scientific Director of the NETCAP network of national interest.
He has also worked as Visiting Professor at Harvard Business School and the Harvard School of Public Health, January-March 1985.
His areas of interest and topics of studies are - Quantitative determinations of accounting, budget, planning and control systems and the internal auditing of public administrations, manufacturing and credit companies of various classes.  
Relations between companies and public administrations.
Governance systems in public administrations and companies.
Economics and society, and the anthropological aspects.

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