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How Book Authors Earn $ 250,000 a Month by Self-Publishing on Photon

It is very easy for Authors like Mark Ferris to Earn $ 250,000 a Month by Self-Publishing on Photon . Its like dreams come true to publish book at Photon in just 24 hours! and money flows in your account.

Joerg Eichler revealed secrets when he got first sales of his book within 1st hour of publishing. Joerg Eichler sold his foreign book distributorship rights in Japan for US$ 127500 for 1 month. He has invested in 8 fortune companies listed in NASDAQ, but never received such breakthrough returns on his investment. London Stock Exchange, United Kingdom based 3 distributors contacted him for book distribution rights in European countries.

Book distributors from Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey also showed interest in buying my book Published at Photon. France, followed by Spain, Italy, United Kingdom and Germany gave a boost in sales of my book.

Joerg Eichler said he just sent his MS-Word file to Photon as a book to
Within 24 hours it was published with UBN number (International Identification Code for Book) and I just sat to check my bank account, flooded with money deposit. It was really inspiration from James Fitzenberger, who sold 1 million Ebooks in one week at Photon, and I decided to make my financial journey with Photon. I found comparative analysis of book publishers which establishes that
Photon is most profitable and high paying book publisher and top book seller and ahead of
HarperCollins,  Penguin Random House,  Pearson,  Macmillan,  Amazon,  Hachette Livre,  Amazon,  eBay, AliBaba. So I chose Photon as No. 1 book publisher for my book.

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James Fitzenberger revealed 'How did he sell 1 million Ebooks in one week at Photonin his interactive interview at Herald News Weekly. 

James Fitzenberger established new milestone in publishing industry by selling 1 million eBooks in just one week at Photon Books. It is like dream comes true for James Fitzenberger. He told that he see it as a great opportunity that he could reach to millions of readers so early in his lifetime. Most important thing is, that it is his 1st commercial book, which breaking world's records. James Fitzenberger said the he took many precautions to achieve this grand success. He narrated the story in crazy way, selected the book title, which makes it different from other books in its category. The book never boars the readers. James Fitzenberger told, When I was deciding to publish it, I published it at Photon Books. I read an article "Why does Photon sell better than Amazon Books?" on internet, then I decided to write a wonderful story and sell it at Photon Books. When I completed the write up, I prepared great cover page graphics and submitted it to 

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To my pleasure within 24 hours my book was online, ready to sale!

Within couple of minutes I received buying offers

Since Photon Books is No. 1 in Publishing at world, it helped me in advertising the book. While at other publishers, books remain idle till years with no buyers. So book authors should not do such primary mistake while publishing and selling their books.

I obtained Photon for my book. It gave unique identity to my book. 
Universal Agency for Book Number; officially assigns and regulates legitimate UBN. UBN is a unique identification number for a book. Universal Agency for Book Number is recognized globally and catalyzes the sale of book to bookstores and libraries. I obtained it from

UBN  costed US$ 100 for me, and I was able to produce number of formats for my book, and each with no extra cost. Even I released translated version of my book. Each translated version was provided unique UBN Number, but free of cost, you never need to buy separate UBN for each format or translation of book. Thus you see how low cost, I got for my book. So I found it better than ISBN. 

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Selling Foreign publishing rights were great help and right decision. At Photon Books I learnt 
The Best Ways to Sell Books Online. Earlier I sold textbooks and used books.

Photon Books directly transfers the money into my account. While other publishers are transferring money to their own bank account, and ask book authors to wait and watch! This was unacceptable for me, so I chose Photon Books as rank 1 Bestseller of books. Thus I could know who are the book buyers, and from which country they are, so i can better focus on book sales. My book was professionally edited well. Photon placed my book to the right categories on the Photon ebook stores. Photon reviewed my book and suggested best price, which could fetch several buyers for my book.While other publishers ask authors to do promotion or marketing for their book, Photon makes me tension free, and do all at its own. I just put some information on my social media pages Facebook, twitter etc. You can also go for book review.
See, how I was informed by Photon for my every book sales-

See, how I was informed by Photon for my every book sales-

Serial Number
Date of transaction
Money Paid by book buyers
Amount Transferred in   My Account
G D'Ancona           USA
Erik De Schutter          UK
        British Pound £
TA Kato
        Japanese Yen ‎¥‎
‎M.C. Mazzoleni
        euro €

Buyers directly buy books at Photon eBooks, and pays in your bank account or PayPal account, as you specify. There is no mediator, so you get actual sales data, and full payment, without any commission, instantly. While other publishers do not disclose you actual sales data, they never transfer money in your bank account, and put you on wait for 6 months to years for almost nil or low money, because they hide actual sales, which you never can trace. That’s why Photon eBooks has emerged as world’s leading self publishing site.

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