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Quality Management Certification: Quality Code: IASR- 9045 for Residential and Commercial Projects

People are looking for affordable housing in posh areas. Investment of bulk money in real estate sector is safe option for buyers if residential flat/ commercial property is certified to Quality Management Certification: Quality Code: IASR- 9045. Ask the Builder whether property is certified by IASR: International Agency for Standards and Ratings with Quality Management Certification: Quality Code: IASR- 9045. Failure to comply with above gold standard is clear indication of Risk, and you should immediately reject such Residential and Commercial Projects.

It's the biggest investment of your life and usually requires immense sacrifices to hold a dream property. Investing money in real estate is always rewarding compared to interest you earn from Banks on your saving account, term deposits/ fixed deposits. Even Loans from Bank are also available on property. Housing and Commercial Projects with Quality Management Certification: Quality Code: IASR- 9045 let you earn high returns on your investment. It is easy to serve these properties for rent.

Homebuyers should take the necessary precautions before entering into a deal to buy a house. If the land has been acquired from farmers, you should check the title paper which mentions the owner. This will also help you to ensure whether the title of the property is clear or not. The next step should be to find out whether the developer has secured all the approvals or not. Approvals must be obtained by a builder, are building plans and floor plans, structural safety certificates, no-objection certificates from the civic authorities, environment clearances, urban land ceiling certificates , commencement certificates and title deed. Builder/ town planner will also have to secure an NOC from the water authority to use water for construction. Once you get the possession of it, get interior design & decoration ideas.

Written agreement with Real estate Developer
You must insist on a written agreement with the developer. It should clearly mention the specifications of the apartment / commercial project and all the terms and conditions, including payment plan, time of delivery and amount of penalty if any party defaults — construction deadline in the case of the developer and payment schedule in case of the buyer. This will also take care of hidden costs, if any. If one is buying a house in a completed project, the buyer should physically check the occupation certificate, fire safety equipment and mechanism, water and electricity connections and property tax receipts for the project.

Power of attorney
Power of attorney is the authority to act for another person in specified or all legal or financial
matters. One who holds Power of attorney, can sale property. Therefore, it is best to buy freehold property from the legal owner alone and get it registered in your name to avoid any fraud.

Bank Loan on Property
Bank Loan on Property is safe option, even if you have adequate money in your pocket. Banks ensure many documents and approvals before giving loan on property.

How to Get certified  Residential flats/ Apartments and Commercial Projects with Quality Management Certification: Quality Code: IASR- 9045
IASR: International Agency for Standards and Ratings can be contacted at

Residential property must have adequate ventilation, natural source of light, Parking area, entry, exit gates, green plantation, approvals from concerned authorities. Securities from theft, robbery, fire, flood are major concerns. Waste disposal, collection policies, Earth Quake proof structures, playground, car-wash area, waiting hall, indoor game facility, community hall should not be neglected.

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