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Department of Agricultural Technology, Federal Polytechnic Oko, Anambra state, Nigeria

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Constraints to Rural Women in Family Farming in Benue State, Nigeria 

Mbah E.N.*a, Ezeano C.Ib, Onwusika A.I.c 

a Department of Agricultural Extension and Communication, University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Nigeria

Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria 

c Department of Agricultural Technology, Federal Polytechnic Oko, Anambra state, Nigeria 


Constraints, rural women, family, farming, Nigeria Abbreviations: FAO, NPC 

All Rights Reserved with Photon. Photon Ignitor: ISJN77582463D851728062017 


Mbah E.N.*, Ezeano C.I, Onwusika A.I., 2017. Constraints to Rural Women in Family Farming in Benue State, Nigeria. International Journal of Agriculture. Photon 128, 436-441 


The study analyzed constraints to rural women in family farming in Benue state, Nigeria. Data were collected from a sample of one hundred and eighteen (118) respondents using questionnaire. Frequency, percentage, mean score and factor analysis were used for analyzing data collected for the study. Results indicate that the respondents obtained information mostly from informal sources which include friends (95.8%), relatives (95.8%), family members (93.2%), neighbors (77.1%), among others. Major constraints to rural women in family farming as indicated by the respondents include poor road network (M=4.86), poor extension agent-farmer contact (M=4.64), high incidence of pests and disease infestation (M=4.58), inadequate transport facilities (M=4.57), unavailability of labor saving technologies (M=4.57), low prices of farm produce (M=4.49), among others. The study further shows that the respondents were highly constrained by institutional, soil management, labour and training factors. The study recommends that the state government should ensure adequate provision of physical infrastructure such as good roads for easy transportation of farm produce and highlights the need for more female extension agents to be trained and employed so as to increase the number of extension workers available to rural women farmers. 

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