Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Guidelines for Requesting an ISJN through the ISJN International Centre website


ISJN is next generation Universal ID. ISJN ensures that products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality. ISJN is a unique identification number for a Journal. It eliminates the ambiguity in identification of Journal. ISJN does not expire, and adheres with title of Journal. ISJN helps to identify important journals which maintains quality. Authors must ensure that journals should have ISJN, before they publish in those Journals. 

Indexing of Journals- 
Public Library For Journals indexes world's reputed national and international journals.

Regulation of International Standard Journal Number-
IASRInternational Agency for Standards and Ratings governs 'International Standard Journal Number' for journals, magazines, and periodicals with successive editions. International Agency for Standards and Ratings officially develops standards in publishing, media, broadcasting, subscriptions and journalism.

Allotment of International Standard Journal Number (ISJN)

Publishers should request at: for allotment of International Standard Journal Number (ISJNof their journals with below information-
Journal Title: 
ISSN/ other Recognition Number if any:
Name of Publisher with address:
Aims and Scope:
Peer Review Status:
Launch Year of Publication: 
Access (Free/ Restricted, mention price):
Format (Print / Online):
Above information should be sent to

Authors must ensure that Journals should have 'International Standard Journal Number' (ISJN) along with Logo before they publish their articles. ISJN should be printed on 'cover page of Journal' along with Logo, just below the 'Title of journal' and in 'About Us' section of Journal's website.  


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