Friday, 8 June 2018

Phthiriasis From World Championship In Medical Science

World Academic Championship identify World's Most Influential Scientists

who are changing the world for better tomorrow. The winners on World Academic Championship are role model for scholars, Industrialists, policy makers, scientists and academicians. Applications are invited every year for ‘World Academic Championship’ in various subjects from all countries.

Brilliant Scientists, Students, Research Supervisors, Teachers and Industrialist from all continents (Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, South America) are encouraged to apply. 

How to apply for World Championship in Medical Science-

1.   Name of Applicant:   ?

2.   Photograph:   ?

3.   Autobiography:   ?

4.   Details of Academic contribution:   ?

5.   Details of Best Published Research Articles, if any:   ?

6.   Details of Thesis/ Dissertationif any:   ?

7.   Details of Patents, if any:   ?

8.   Details of Publication of BookBook Chapter, if any:   ?

9.   Details of Participation in conference / seminar / workshop, if any:   ?

10. Details of Innovations, if any:   ?

11. Details of Development of Product / Technology, if any:   ?

Fill Up above application format and Email at      for applying in World Academic Championship. Instantly within 24 hours you will receive acknowledgement and rigorous review will be started, shortly you will be informed on outcome with certificate. 

Last Date - 31st of every month

Registrations are open every month each year. 

Archive Winners of World Academic Championship

Winners of World Academic Championship -2018                       
Winners of World Academic Championship- 2017                         
Winners of World Academic Championship- 2016                              

Winners of World Academic Championship- 2014                       

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