Saturday, 15 October 2016

Should I Publish Books on Amazon/ eBay or at Photon eBooks?

Why should I publish in Photon eBooks?

Photon eBooks let you receive money directly into your bank account. If any buyer purchase your book, he will directly pay into your bank account. You can sell and publish your book, at at Photon eBooks . 

I have a ton of children books from my school days and they are just sitting in my room idle. I want to sell them, but they are teenage books and when i did some research most of the websites wouldn't buy them from me. What is the best place to sell them for cash. I'm not willing to sell them on ebay ....Help me...

You can sell your book, at at Photon eBooks .  It is best place to sell your book. You directly receive payment in your bank account, No mediator is there, directly track your sales. Other publishers never tells you exact sales data. 

i have a shelf stocked with books and decided that i wanted to sell them. i also have some new text books. i was wondering though what i need to do in order to sell, what should i watch out for? advantages and disadv. advise etc? plz & thnx!

Amazon charge listing fees, even more than e-bay, when you do transaction through PayPal, again you are forced to bear heavy commission. payment is not immediately done, but it takes time. Photon eBooks  transfers money into your account directly.So you know which of books are giving you better sales. You can publish your books on Photon eBooks at

How can I publish in Photon eBooks ?
You can sell and publish your book, at at Photon eBooks . You can submit your book as MS-Word or pdf file.

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