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How can I buy Universal Book Number for my Book on software companies in California, USA?

You can buy it from
Please find the link below-
How to purchase/ buy/ obtain UBN
You should provide below information to get your UBN (Universal Book Number) for your book.-
Title of the Book:
Publisher: Self Published/ Name of Publisher
Format: Hard/ electronic version?
Place of Publication: Name of Country?
E-Mail this information to and UABN will deliver you the UBN for your book within approx 24 hours.
UBN costs US$ 100. Different formats of publication and publication in different languages need different UBN, but these all UBNs are provided at No additional cost. So if you publish a document in two languages and two formats e.g. print and online, you will be provided 4 UBNs at just US$ 100. If you publish the same document in pdf, HTML, JPEG, you will be provided extra UBNs at No additional cost.
UABNUniversal Agency for Book Number; officially assigns and regulates legitimate UBN. It is responsible for the collection, description, preservation and accessibility of UBN. The UABN also serves as a development centre for the literature and library sector and promotes strong cooperation in the field, on not for profit status.
UBN: Universal Book Number
UBN is a unique identification number for a book. It is recognized globally and catalyzes the sale of book to bookstores and libraries. UBN allows scientifically management of books and their discoverability at global level. It eliminates the ambiguity in identification of books. While numerous book titles, published by different publishers may have same titles across the world, it creates huge confusion among readers. UBN serves here as a great tool to correctly identify a book. Since all such books will carry different UBN.
Create a testimonial page on your website Add the free My Book Progress plugin to your WordPress website to update your visitors about the status of your upcoming book. Retweak the SEO on your site Ask fans to post their reviews on your Facebook page Ask fans to post their reviews on Amazon Ask fans to post their reviews on Goodreads Sign up for Twitter Clean up your social footprint Create an author FB page and use it instead of your profile Sign up for Google Authorship Offer bloggers advanced reading copies Go on an online book tour Create a book launch team Host Q+A sessions on Google+ Create Facebook Friday videos Register as an author on Photon eBooks, Amazon Register as an author on UABN Create a book trailer Add the free My Book Table plugin to your WordPress website to boost book sales. Create a hashtag for your next book,

How can I buy Universal Book Number for my Book on software companies in California, USA?

Why did ISBN lost its credibility? Why did Amazon and Apple Books discarded  ISBN? 
There were thousands of problem with ISBN including copyright, sale drop, format problem, digit problem, check digit complexity. ISBN was old numbering system, now it has completely lost it’s significance. It has become a historical episode now. It could not survive in digital time and burst with DOI like Orkut, yahoo messenger. Why did ISBN collapse? ISBN created a lot of confusions among consumers since beginning. A type, B type, 7 digit, 10 digit made the life of authors hell. Finally publishers decided to avoid ISBN. Many books are found without ISBN everywhere. Authors and publishers suffered the complexity and great confusion of ISBN and witnessed low sales graph of their books. eBooks industry, Amazon, Apple books, Kobo, Photon eBooks kept themselves away from such damaging old and inferior system.UBNevolved as a perfect solution for these problems. Now publishing world is turning towardsUBN. It is in fact great revolution in publishing standards. UBN: Universal Book Number. UBN is a unique identification number for a book. It is recognized globally and catalyzes the sale of book to bookstores and libraries. UBN allows scientifically management of books and their discoverability at global level. It eliminates the ambiguity in identification of books.

Bowker’s tracking data is actually immature with several loop holes and it lowers sale ranking. Bowker confuses authors and buyers both. Bowker doesn’t actually get details on any book sales. Apple, Kobo no longer require an ISBN for Books. Now no major digital retailers require ISBNs, it has become completely outdated, replaced by advanced UBN. 

  1. Create an author website for your fans if you don’t already have one.
  2. Use the latest search engine optimization techniques while building your website, and be sure to adhere to Google’s webmaster guidelines.
  3. Write a professional and interesting author bio.
  4. Add a ‘Store’ page to your website.
  5. Make your book available to purchase on your online store.
  6. Come up with ideas for merchandise related to your book(s).
  7. Host contests where your fans can submit entries for merchandise designs.
  8. Have pages on your author website for book reviews, FAQs, and testimonials.
  9. Make a ‘Discussion’ page on your website specifically for questions and comments.
  10. Write an advice column on your website for aspiring authors.
  11. Add buttons to your website to take viewers straight to your social media sites.
  12. Keep your website clean and easy to navigate (like we try to do with; bells and whistles can be distracting.


  1. Have an online book tour.
  2. Write a press release and distribute to online outlets.
  3. Create monthly newsletters and ask fans to sign up for them.
  4. Consider if pay-per-click advertising on Google, etc. might be appropriate for your book.
  5. Submit your website to any related group, company, or organization’s website that has a website directory.
  6. Start link building by creating valuable resources and building relationships with site owners that would find those resources to be worth sharing.
  7. Research your competitors to find out what they’re doing to be successful that you’re not.


  1. Create a blog on your website and update it regularly with new, interesting content.
  2. Respond to comments and questions on your blog in a timely manner.
  3. Once you’ve been blogging for a while, search your archives for your best blog posts and sell them as a collection (preferably as a low-cost eBook).
  4. Add keywords to your blog posts.
  5. Guest blog on other popular blogs.
  6. Allow guest bloggers on your blog.
  7. Create an RSS Feed if you don’t already have one, and burn it on This will allow you to obtain statistics about your readers.
  8. Submit your blog to blog directories related to being an author, your genre, etc.


  1. Create/join a forum and actively participate in its community.


  1. Create a Facebook page geared toward you as an author – not your personal life. 
  2. Give fans the option to post their book reviews, testimonials, comments, and questions to your Facebook page.


  1. Create a Twitter account to tweet updates about new books, book tours, book trailers, media coverage of you and your book, etc. 
  2. Provide fans with a hash tag for your new book.
  3. Use Twitter hash tags for events, news, promotions, etc.
  4. Use Tweetables:
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    • Need to expand your repertoire of book marketing techniques? These should inspire you! 


  1. Create a LinkedIn page to connect to other authors and professionals in the writing world and related industries.


  1. Create a Google+ page. (Be sure to add Smith Publicity to your circles!)
  2. Add your devoted fans and other authors you connect with to your circles.
  3. Link your Google+ profile content to Google Authorship.
  4. Host a Google Hangout with your fans.
  5. Host a Google Hangout with other authors.


  1. Create a YouTube account. Here’s what looks like.
  2. Post your Google Hangouts to YouTube.
  3. Link to your YouTube videos on your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  4. Compile a series of short videos of you discussing topics related to your book. Make them informational, not promotional.


  1. Go to Amazon and register as an author.
  2. Sell your books on Amazon.
  3. Try to get fans to post their book reviews and testimonials on Amazon.
  4. Join Amazon’s affiliate program.


  1. Go to Goodreads and register as an author.
  2. Develop your profile page by adding a photo and bio.
  3. Add the Goodreads Author widget to your website.
  4. Publicize events.
  5. Promote your books.
  6. Posts videos.
  7. Do even more with Goodreads.


  1. Organize a team for your book launch.
  2. Contact a local bookstore or other venue about hosting a book release party.
  3. Go on a book tour.
  4. Design merchandise for your books (like these Harry Potter t-shirts).
  5. Make business cards with your photo and addresses to your author website and social media profile pages.
  6. Speak at book clubs about writing in your genre.
  7. Have book readings for your new book. Some possible venues:
    • Retirement homes
    • Elementary, junior high, or high schools depending on your target age group
    • Coffee shops
    • Community colleges
    • Nearby universities
    • Locally owned bookstores
    • Rehab centers
    • Hospitals
    • Libraries
    • Google+ Hangout
    • Churches
    • The setting (town, city) of your book.
    • Community events (i.e. fairs, picnics, festivals)
  8. Have book signings for your new book.
  9. Contact your local paper and ask them if they’d be interested in interviewing you.
  10. Contact the local paper of the town your book is set in about interviewing you.
  11. Contact your local radio station and ask them if they’d be interested in having you on their show. (These tips can help if you get the interview.)
  12. Contact the local radio station of the town your book is set in about having you on their show.
  13. Create an affiliate program.
  14. Join an affiliate program.
  15. Partner with organizations, clubs, and other groups that support a cause similar to the one that your book addresses.


  1. Offer your devoted fans sneak previews of your new book.
  2. Offer your devoted fans advance copies of your new book.
  3. Have a page on your website for short stories, and add a new one every week or month depending on your schedule.
  4. Promote each weekly short story on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.
  5. Host a contest for topic suggestions for your weekly short story.
  6. Host a contest for the best short story where the winner will have his/her story featured on your website.
  7. Link to the winner’s story on your social media pages.
  8. Have free book give-away contests for your fans and website visitors.
  9. Celebrate your fans by featuring a Fan of the Month on your website and social media profiles.
  10. Host a contest for the best illustration of a scene from one of your books where the winner will have his/her illustration featured on your website.
  11. Link to the winner’s illustration on your social media pages.
  12. Host a contest for the best book trailer where the winner will have his/her trailer featured on your website.
  13. Link to the winner’s book trailer on your social media pages.
  14. Host a contest where your fans can submit a movie of them acting their favorite scene in one of your books and feature the winner on your website.
  15. Link to the winner’s movie on your social media pages.
  16. Host a costume contest around Halloween for the best costume of one of your major characters where the winner will be featured on your website.
  17. Link to the winner’s picture of him/her in the costume on your social profiles.
  18. Create fan pages for the main characters in your best sellers, especially those in your series.
  19. Ask fans to post pictures of them reading your book.
  20. Get to know your fans even better by polling them on their likes, dislikes, and opinions on your ideas for books or promotions.
  21. Write a book specifically for your fans.
  22. Write a book that your fans can customize by picking what happens next.


  1. Make a book trailer, or hire a professional to make one.
  2. Offer to write articles for a magazine related to your genre.
  3. Host a seminar for aspiring writers.
  4. Host a webinar.
  5. Advertise on a low-cost billboard.
  6. Become a featured content writer for some websites related to your genre, being an author, writing your first book, etc.
  7. Donate your books to places where your target audience is located:
    • Elementary, junior high, or high schools
    • Daycare centers
    • Libraries
    • Libraries in the town where your book is set in
    • Camps
    • Community centers
    • YMCAs
    • Senior centers
    • Retirement communities
    • Homeless shelters
    • Prisons
    • Local colleges
    • Colleges in the town where your book is set in
    • Children’s hospitals
  8. Utilize publicity services like Help A Reporter Out (HARO)
  9. If you have a WordPress website, get the WordPress Plug-in called MyBookTable to help you sell more books and earn money through affiliates.

You should make available your book on book stores at Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming along with online stores.

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