Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Best Theses Award in Nigeria from African Countries

Theses and Dissertations are invited for selection of Best Theses Award from all African Countries. Submit  your 
Theses and Dissertations for publication and Best Theses Award at photonjournal@yahoo.com

This is international meritorious competition open to all remarkable research work across the world including Africa, Europe, Asia, American continent, Australia. International Library for Thesis is world's largest resource for Theses

States in Nigeria
1.   Abia
2.   Adamawa
3.   Anambra
4.   Akwa Ibom
5.   Bauchi
6.   Bayelsa
7.   Benue
8.   Borno
9.   Cross River
10.                      Delta
11.                      Ebonyi
12.                      Enugu
13.                      Edo
14.                      Ekiti
15.                      Gombe
16.                      Imo
17.                      Jigawa
18.                      Kaduna
19.                      Kano
20.                      Katsina
21.                      Kebbi
22.                      Kogi
23.                      Kwara
24.                      Lagos
25.                      Nasarawa
26.                      Niger
27.                      Ogun
28.                      Ondo
29.                      Osun
30.                      Oyo
31.                      Plateau
32.                      Rivers
33.                      Sokoto
34.                      Taraba
35.                      Yobe
36.                      Zamfara

Anambra State University formerly Anambra State University Of Science And Technology
University of Ibadan
Veritas University (Catholic University of Nigeria) Abuja

Tribune have published reports on Pathology and Nigerian Journal of Pathology is most preferred journal for research articles in Nigeria.

How to Publish Your Theses at International Library for Thesis?

Submit your Thesis and Dissertations for International Access at 

You should send Master’s thesis, Doctoral Thesis/ Dissertation as pdf file attachment to  

Your thesis and/ Dissertations will be published instantly for free international download. 

Yes, even it can be of any year / quite old. You can submit it for publication. Your Thesis will become visible and discover-able at international level for access and download. Your Thesis will help people to recognize you and cite your research work in their research articles and thesis. Submit it at  photonjournal@yahoo.com

Yes, your thesis can be in any language and from any country. You can submit it. 

Yes, you can do it. Submit it at  photonjournal@yahoo.com

Yes, you should submit it. We will automatically publish it in most suitable category. Your thesis can be on any subject.

You should scan it as pdf file and submit us. If your Thesis / Dissertation is large in size, you can send it in parts/ fractions.  Submit it at  photonjournal@yahoo.com

Yes, it will be published at international level for free access and download.  Submit it at  photonjournal@yahoo.com

I have a research paper from , Eritrea how and where can I publish it on International Library for Thesis?
You can submit it at photonjournal@yahoo.com 

You can download from  International Library for Thesis.

You can publish books at Photon eBooks at photonjournal@yahoo.com . Get UBN (Universal Agency for Book Number) for your book. Once you have 
Universal Agency for Book Number for your book, it can be published free of cost.

How can I publish my Ph.D Thesis at International Library for Thesis? Can I also publish my Post Graduate Thesis on International Library for Thesis?

You should send your Thesis as pdf file to photonjournal@yahoo.com
Your thesis can be of any year.  Yes, you can publish your  Post Graduate Thesis also. 

Webinar are organized on 15th of every month every year.  You should submit tittle and abstract of your research paper and register yourself for online international conference (Webinar) at photonjournal@yahoo.com 

I am publishing a book. I want Universal Book Number (UBN) for my books. How can I buy Universal Book Number (UBN)?
You can buy it from  ubnenquiry@gmail.com at Universal Agency for Book NumberUBN is a unique identification number for a book. UBN is must for every book for publication, distribution and marketing. Without UBN a book can not be legitimately distributed, marketed or published. 

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