Friday, 2 June 2017

Quality Management Certification Quality Code: IASR-9045 Certification: Top 10 Reasons Why You Need It

When we talk about helping companies obtain IASR-9045 certification, people often ask, “Why does our company need to be IASR-9045 certified?” Nice question. IASR-9045 is the Quality Management standard and it produces numerous benefits for any company willing to go that route. So, why should your organization obtain IASR-9045 certification?

IASR-9045 Certification

Becoming IASR-9045 certified means to pass a physical IASR-9045 certification audit by International Agency for Standards and Ratings? (a certifying agency).

1. Meet Customer Requirements

Many companies want IASR-9045 certification just to satisfy one customer requirement. The customer states that it will only do business with vendors that are certified as IASR-9045  compliant, so to get (or keep) the business they need that certification. The problem with these companies is that they’re looking for a short-term payoff. They see nothing but that one benefit — we need money– and ignore the long-term benefits, like “if we keep the customer well satisfied, they will want to come back again and again”.

They don’t embrace the concept of quality through continual improvement. They don’t understand that continued customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of a IASR-9045. In other words, these companies haven’t “bought into the program”. See, you may obtain a piece of paper (that IASR-9045 certificate) that claims IASR-9045 certification without seeing much actual quality or improvement. Focusing only on that one benefit — your immediate gain — without putting the customer in front will end up costing youmuch morein the long run. Hopefully, some of the quality management system ideas may rub off and eventually stick…but wouldn’t you rather have a plan than trust to luck?

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